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  Circling San Francisco Bay

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Ginny Anderson, Ph.D, - Ecopsychologist

Ginny Anderson is an ecopsychologist who works with individuals and groups in outdoor settings to help them develop and expand relationships with each other and the natural world we inhabit. She also maintains a psychotherapy practice in the Bay Area near Menlo Park on California’s San Francisco Peninsula. Ginny is a licensed psychologist, with a Ph.D. from Stanford University (License # PSY 4706). She’s worked at Stanford, UC Davis, the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, and the Center for the Divine Feminine. Ginny is the author of Circling San Francisco Bay: A Pilgrimage to Wild and Sacred Places, and serves on the Board of Directors of San Bruno Mountain Watch Conservancy. Her long experience with feminist spirituality, shamanism, spirituality retreats, pilgrimages, nature spirituality, and meditation all contribute to the form of her practice.

She brings with her a mindfulness of the broader context in which people live — not only personal relationships, but also the natural world around us. Her deepest skill and pleasure lies in supporting personal change and transformation of consciousness in the natural world. She specializes in helping people learn to create and explore sacred space wherever they find themselves, and to discover their own places within it. She has many years of experience creating community ceremony, spirituality retreats, and personal rituals of transformation to help people access many different forms of healing.

Ginny enjoys speaking about ecopsychology at conferences, on the radio, and to groups in churches, schools, and other community settings. She helps couples and groups strengthen their bonds by taking them to places in nature that especially support communication, personal sharing, and creative insight. Group work related to personal transformation may take the form of day-long events, spirituality retreats, a series of outdoor journeys exploring a specific topic, or an issue inspired by something taking place in the natural world. While she works primarily in the Bay Area, she is available for travel to sacred sites around the world.