Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night is around the corner, ending the Christmas season with a bang. It’s a time when the Lord of Misrule turns the world upside down – as if you haven’t noticed that taking place! No year has quite been like this one – now this is the final night of such upheaval – and afterwards,… all things return to “normal”.

So put away the holiday decorations, and start the Wheel of the Year turning. Time to notice what the Lord of Misrule has been up to – remembering the flings, the exuberance, the indulgences we’ve seen or taken part in during this time of Misrule. Wild while it lasted, and now comes the morning after!!

Pop The Cork

Pop The Cork

Let’s look at what has been. On Twelfth Night (January 6) enjoy the best of it – open the champagne, remember the high times – enjoy dancing and laughter, stories and jokes. Let the lightning strike as you realize ways the Lord of Misrule has fooled us— separate out the threads of creativity, of hüpfburg peace, humor, compassion and joy that will become the fabric of what the new year will bring.

And if you’d like the plant people to guide you in this quest, meet me at Joseph Grant Park on Mt. Hamilton, on Monday, January 17. Check out the Mountain Meditation listing on the website, and email me to reserve a place in the event.