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Whether your family line ends with you, or you are simply alive at this time of transformation of life on the planet, you are the last of your lineage. All over the world, human beings are taking part in the transformation of life as we know it.

Next to San Francisco Bay rises San Bruno Mountain, one of 18 global biodiversity hotspots. Innumerable rare and endangered species live here; even some ice age plants have survived, and three 5000 year-old shell mounds are sheltered in its ravines.

In a series of three events on the mountain, we will visit environments which support the lives of these rare species. During two of them – through observation, through shamanic meditations, through explorations of biomimicry – we’ll “debrief” butterflies, plants, animals and birds in relation to the wisdom they carry, or the challenge of maintaining their existence. In the third of the series, animals whose lives are no longer sustained by conditions on the mountain will also be honored, and a relationship with them explored.

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Cost: $35 per session; No one turned away for lack of funds. A portion will be donated San Bruno Mountain Watch Conservancy, which guards the mountain’s well-being.

Journey #1: June 26: Butterflies. Work with the imaginal disk of the butterfly, and the plant known as “Life Everlasting”
Journey #2: September 11: Red-legged frog, garter snake. A beckoning habitat that appears and disappears
Journey #3: October 16: Grizzly, elk, antelope. Hidden wisdom, bear medicine

Meet in Brisbane at the corner of Visiticion (the main street in town) and Mariposa, where you'll find a group of charming painted fireplugs already waiting!  Bring water, lunch, sunscreen, and layered clothing  - you never know whether the coast's summer fog will be upon us! Be sure and PRE-REGISTER by clicking HERE.

A meditation group, women’s group, book club, hiking group, or church group could arrange a series or a single San Bruno or Bay Area event around this topic by contacting Ginny, 650-323-4494 or freyjand@comcast.net

Hikes with guides whose long-term familiarity with the mountain are also available free, and regularly scheduled, through San Bruno Mountain Watch Conservancy.